Understanding Dukan Diet Recipes, Food List and the Attack Phase

Having to begin a new diet is tough enough as it is, and working out how to persevere with your new diet is another matter entirely! By finding and using a well thought out recipe plan, that is, one that tastes amazing but also follows the guidelines of the diet, you will become much more motivated to continue with your diet.

As an example, the famous Dukan diet recipes that are found within the Dukan Diet food list programme give you some great tasting ideas for all of your meals and snacks, whilst at the same time following the strict guidelines that have been set out by Dr.Dukan himself.

Below you will find some great recommendations and thoughts for the individuals who are currently following this fabulous Dukan diet attack phase for weight loss or health reasons, so you need not be concerned about what kind of food you are eating and won’t have to keep checking to see if it fits within the guidelines of the diet.

Attack phase: Fish Produce

Fish like Salmon or Cod are both great sources of healthy proteins, as an added benefit, it’s great for your skin too! An excellent and simple meal consists of grilling a fillet of fish and adding a condiment like mustard to add some great tasting flavour to the taste of the fish. By doing this, you’ll have a lovely meal and not be breaking the rules of your diet.

Attack phase: Protein Snacks

Protein snacks or more specifically, protein chips should play a big part in your Dukan diet menu. If you’re thinking that these are just normal potato chips, you’re going to be surprised! To make your protein chips, you should take some lunchmeat and roast it at between 200-230 Fahrenheit in your oven; by doing this you’ll end up with some very crunchy and delicious chips of meat that don’t break the guidelines of your diet. You should leave them in the oven for just under ten minutes, turn them over, and cook them for a few minutes more.

Attack phase: Milkshakes

If you’re feeling a bit worn out from a hard day, or just feel like having a healthy refreshing drink, a milkshake could be a great idea! By simply mixing up some skimmed milk, yoghurt, orange juice, protein powder and fruit, you will have a good protein shake that will give you lots of essential nutrients and minerals. Remember not to use nuts in your shakes though, as this wouldn’t be following the guidelines of the diet.

Ideas like these will make sure that you are still enjoying your meals without ruining your diet. The Dukan Diet recipes plan and food list are very easy to follow, very healthy, and most importantly, fun. When compared to different diets around, the Dukan diet attack phase technique is the only one that lets you eat a lot more than pure protein foods. This diet is really great and even though it is called a “diet”, you won’t feel like you are on a diet at all whilst taking part!

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