Knowing how to enjoy sex means using the best sex positions

The average man is ready and willing for intercourse as soon as his erection is complete. The woman is not ready so soon unless she comes to the occasion after a considerable period of accumulated desire which has reached a point of actual passion. Most women will require from several minutes to a half-hour of cultivation even when they are quite
willing to start. Some women like to be surprised by the eager caresses of a passionate husband and say that they are more quickly made ready, by such behaviour on his part than in any other manner. Foreplay is essential!

When both husband and wife are ready, the next step is to assume the proper sex positions for completing the act. Any sexual position is proper which permits satisfaction for both parties. All parts of the body can be made to contribute to the general goal without offending the taste or feel of either partner and if neither partner is harmed thereby.

Making Sex Better

Not every position is equally appropriate for every couple. The slant of the vagina, the high or low placement of the clitoris on the pubic bone, the amount of fatty tissue on the inside of the thighs, the comparative length of the two bodies, the length and slant of the erect penis, and various  other factors may serve to make one position more or less desirable than another.

Of the almost innumerable sexual positions which have been successfully used through the ages, the following are among the more important:

This is probably the most usual position in Europe and the United States. The woman lies on her back with knees drawn up and spread apart to give easy access to the vaginal opening. The man bends over her, between her thighs, supporting himself at first on one arm. In this position fie guides the penis into the vaginal opening with his free hand, being careful not to press too hard until he is sure he has properly located the entrance.

Sometimes in this matter, the woman will have to assist him, at least until he has become more familiar with the female anatomy. After entrance has been made lie lies upon her in her arms. She will not find it difficult to bear his weight against her and will be able to kiss and be freely kissed as she wishes. raven men who are much taller than their wives seldom find any difficulty at this point, for most of a man’s tallness is in his longer thigh bones rather than in his body from the hips upward.

Sex positions – which one to choose?

To avoid possible fatigue, some couples, after entrance has been made, shift position so that when the woman straightens her right leg the man, leaving his right leg between both of hers, puts his left one outside her right, and rolls over onto his left side facing her. This takes most of the weight off the woman but does not hinder maintaining a good connection, and leaves his right arm free to caress his wife or to do any other needful thing. Should the man desire to return to the full man-above position at any time, he can easily do so.

This position was much in use in the Roman world and earlier. Here the husband lies on his back while the wife kneels astride his pelvis and, after inserting his penis in her vagina, lies facing toward him as in the man-above position. Some couples make the entrance in the man-above position and then roll over to the woman-above position. Now and then a woman finds that she is much more likely to get her orgasm in this position than in any other.

If the husband can hold his erection for a reasonable length of time, say from three to ten minutes or more, the wife can make just those movements which are most likely to stimulate her and at that speed which is most to her liking. She can feel when the clitoris is in proper contact and does not have to depend on the more or less random efforts of her husband as lie attempts to stimulate her while bringing on his climax.

Other couples find it an agreeable variation, especially at those times when the wife feels a bit aggressive and comes to the experience on her initiative and is eager to play with her husband.

There are many of these, but probably the most practical is where the man lies on his left side with his left leg at a right angle with his body or drawn up at an acute angle. The wife lies on her right side facing him with the hollow of her waistline across the man’s left thigh and tier upper leg above the man’s right leg. In this position, the entrance is made by either the man’s or the woman’s guiding the erect penis into the vaginal opening. In this position, the entrance is made by either the man’s or the woman’s guiding the erect penis into the vaginal opening

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