About Coconut Oil Benefits

Coconut plant is a gift from God for us especially pure organic coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil is made from con-copra without the use of high heat or chemicals, it keeps all the original health-giving properties and high levels of antioxidants.

Virgin coconut oil has a unique taste and smell so it is easy to recognize between pure virgin coconut oil and not. Once you know the real virgin coconut oil you can easily distinguish copra based coconut oil which is refined, deodorized and bleached chocolate slim recenze.

Health benefits of coconut oil

Due to the high content of saturated fats, it was believed to raise the risk of cardiovascular and heart problem. Many types of research prove the opposite, people who consume a high amount of coconut oil lessen the risk of heart diseases. Improves the heart and thyroid are just a little of benefits of coconut oil.

Due to the content of medium-chain fatty acid derived from the oil (caprylic acid). It has been proven to combat the overgrowth of candida and other yeast infection.

For skin and hair, you can easily find coconut product on the market. Body lotion, face cream, scalp treatment, makeup remover, sunscreen protection and various other for skin beauty as well as skin disorders.

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