6 Uses For Coconut Oil In Facial Skin Care

Coconut oil has been hailed as a miraculous cure by the sufferers of many skin conditions, including acne, psoriasis and eczema. Currently, science cannot conclusively prove or disprove this, but the theory behind the benefits appears to be sound.

Coconut oil is one of the best natural skin care products

First of all, coconut oil contains lauric acid which has antimicrobial properties. Therefore, topical application can clear the bacteria and infections which are sometimes associated with skin disorders. Coconut oil is also rich in protein, which has an important function in the body’s cellular repair and skin renewal.

Beauty devotees praise coconut oil for its moisturizing benefits. Since coconuts are high in medium-chain fatty acids, applying the oil to your skin stops moisture from being lost through the pores, therefore boosting the moisture levels of your skin. But this is not the only reason why coconut oil is purported to give users smoother skin.

Many coconut oil products are slightly gritty, which has an exfoliating effect. This will help to clear the pores while removing dead skin cells, leaving the face feeling softer, and with a more youthful and even skin tone.

Coconut oil is naturally abundant in many of the vitamins and nutrients which skincare manufacturers routinely include in their products. This includes vitamin E, which the body needs for skin growth and repair. Coconut contains approximately 0.1 mg of vitamin E per every 100 grams. The antioxidant properties of the oil also counteract many of the harmful chemicals found in our modern environments, which contribute to the premature signs of ageing.

If you suffer from dry, cracked lips, coconut oil can also moisturize the skin around the mouth. Many people prefer it to synthetic lip care products because it is natural and there is no need to worry about ingesting it. After all, coconut oil is also sold as a food product, and has numerous associated health benefits!

Although not a common use, coconut oil can be used for removing traces of makeup. The oil effectively breaks down any chemical residue which has been left on the skin, while not irritate delicate areas such as the eyes, which can be adversely affected by synthetic makeup removers οι καλυτερεσ κρεμεσ προσωπου.

In some areas of the world, where coconuts are plentiful, the native population apply the oil as protection from the sun. There is some scientific evidence to support this use, and the coconut oil has the additional benefit of only blocking harmful UVA rays. This still allows the UVB rays to penetrate the skin and helps the body to produce a healthy level of vitamin D.

Coconut oil is a cheap and effective alternative to synthetic skin care products. If you want to enjoy beautiful skin, be sure to include it in your daily routine.

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